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At Great American Insurance Group, our goal is to simplify your path to financial security. You can find fixed and fixed-indexed annuities that are easier to understand, with principal protection, growth opportunity and guaranteed income options.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, our Customer Service representatives strive to provide friendly, knowledgeable and timely service to each of our 500,000+ contract owners.

Here’s what our customers are saying about their experience with Great American!

— Elizabeth W. on 4/23/19

“I dislike having to be approved by my employer because my employer does not contribute to my annuity.”

We know plan administrator requirements can be frustrating. We’re always available to help work through any questions!

“I would like to say that Great American staff were extremely helpful to me in dealing with a claim for my father. It is a very trying time for me and I was somewhat overwhelmed by everything that I needed to get done. You made things so much easier for me. Thanks so much.”

Pamela M. on 4/11/19

— Anonymous on 4/9/19

“I appreciate the emails as to where the process is. Turnaround time is faster than expected.”

— Ernest C. on 4/2/19

“Everyone is easy to talk to and information pertaining to the contract is easily accessible online. Thank you for all of your assistance.”

— Pamela C. on 3/27/19

“When I called with questions or concerns, the customer service was always friendly and helpful. I always appreciated that.”

“Your company has great customer service. I called in at least four or five times with random questions and they were polite and helpful every time.”

Anonymous on 3/19/19

— Richard R. on 3/16/19

“Appreciated the professional and speedy service. Check was received within three days.”

— Patricia G. on 3/8/19

“Each time I contacted Great American, the representatives were always very professional, courteous, polite, helpful and easy to talk to.”

— Diana L. on 3/5/19

“Thank you for promptly addressing any questions I have and always informing me of the process.”

“This has been a very long process for my family and me. My husband was sick for a very long time and without the financial help from Great American, I am not sure where we would be today. Thankfully, his policy included the clause for living benefits, which we were able to use for his many years of care. Thank you, Great American for your wonderful staff of people who walked this journey with us, comforted us and handled all claims so efficiently.”

Pamela C. on 2/20/19

— Doug R. on 2/19/19

“Withdrawal request was handled expeditiously, thanks.”

— Ronnie S. on 2/18/19

“The website is incredibly user-friendly and the associates I have interacted with have likewise been extremely helpful.”

— Anonymous on 2/2/19

“Great, friendly people to deal with. Super-fast times on transactions. Wow! Can’t say enough how happy I am with Great American. Thanks!”

— Anonymous on 1/25/19

“Where is my 1099? I received a letter stating that this document is now available, but I can’t find it anywhere!”

If a 1099 is available for your contract, you can find it by logging into Once you’re there, go to “My Balances” and click on “View Details.” Next, select “Tax Documents” on the left side of the screen.

— Michael G. on 1/16/19

“Thanks for making the filing of paperwork relatively easy – didn't have to get an attorney to read it for us.”

— Shirley B. on 1/8/19

“I’m very satisfied. Thank you for making it easy during this time of loss.”

“I called to get some help filing for my 2018 RMD. I was amazed that it was so fast and easy. The young lady I spoke with knew all the answers and I was done in record time. She was wonderfully helpful and most polite and thoughtful. When I finished, I handed the phone to my husband and she proceeded to help him take care of his RMD. He was equally satisfied.”

Mary S. on 1/5/19

— Anonymous on 1/1/19

“Although some insurance companies reacted faster, Great American was right there with information and assistance when needed. Thank you, Great American.”

— Cathy G. on 12/31/18

“Easy to work with. I am impressed that my request is being processed so quickly without any issues. I’m very pleased with the service so far.”

“Each person that I’ve dealt with at Great American has been compassionate, competent and most willing to clearly answer any questions that I might have had. The journey to transfer my mom’s annuity to my brother and I has gone flawlessly so far and I want to thank the staff members of Great American for the kindness and professionalism that they have shown me.”

Richard K. on 12/27/18

— Anonymous on 12/11/18

“I always get results when I contact your company. Representatives are pleasant and always have answers to my questions – a pleasure to deal with.”

— Dwight B. on 12/10/18

“I don’t know why it took two weeks for my request to be received by you, but I do appreciate that you quickly acknowledged my inquiry about whether you had received it or not and then were mindful enough to inform me when you did. Thank you.”

— Kathy W. on 12/4/18

“Thank you for your excellent service and care with my annuity.”

— Betty B. on 11/20/18

“The experience has been a good one. The ability to take funds out each year allows me to take the trips that I enjoy.”

— Anonymous on 11/19/18

“Why, I wonder, did I have to go through the people controlling the fund for the school district? That was an unhappy experience.”

Plan administrator requirements can be confusing. We’re always available to help our policyholders work through any questions!

“I submitted paperwork for two other annuities and Great American was the only one that sent me updates on the status of the process. I am very pleased with your company. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.”

Anonymous on 11/16/18

— Bernhard W. on 11/6/18

“Great American takes away the fear of asking about your own money. Their assistance and help was phenomenal.”

“The timeframe of paperwork, keeping the lines of communication open and letting me know the status was great! It is always very important to make one feel important and valued and not like they’re just a number. I appreciate you.”

Viviane B. on 10/30/18

— Dorothy B. on 10/29/18

“Easy to contact and get the information I needed. Everyone I talked or chatted with was very helpful.”

— Karen J. on 10/9/18

“Representative was very helpful, professional and patient. Great experience.”

— Helen E. on 10/3/18

“I really like the opportunity to call and make a withdrawal request and the prompt service to receive it.”

“My experience as a Great American customer has been, and still is, a most satisfying one. Everyone has always been kind, understanding, considerate, helpful and patient in assisting me with any of my needs, questions or requests.”

Mona D. on 9/28/2018

— Anonymous on 9/20/2018

“I called and appreciated the assistance given. My questions were answered and an email with attached forms was received while on the phone. Excellent customer service.”

— Anonymous on 9/18/2018

“I’m not sure why the withdrawal process has taken so long. I would have liked an email stating the reason for the delay.”

Our average turnaround time once the request is in good order is 2-3 business days. To receive email updates and track the status of your request, be sure to sign up for e-alerts!

— Jason E. on 9/10/2018

“Great American has always been fast to respond and very professional.”

— Lois H. on 9/5/2018

“Your employees are so helpful and extremely friendly. They are a joy to do business with.”

— Vera S. on 8/20/18

“Customer service is great at keeping me informed and the withdrawal process is also great.”

— Anonymous on 8/17/2018

“Very easy to work with and quick. Emails are great to let you know what is happening with your account.”

— Joan K. on 8/8/2018

“The reps I have spoken to are always courteous and know their job. Thanks for a great experience. Keep up the good work!”

— Anonymous 8/7/18

“My questions were answered promptly and your representatives were very courteous and thorough.”

“Since my layoff in 2009, I have had many challenges trying to maintain stability in my household and Great American has been there for me. I am very thankful for the services and comfort they have provided for me and my family.”

Anonymous on 8/2/2018

— Elaine P. on 7/30/18

“You are always there for me when I need you. Thanks so much.”

— Anonymous on 7/20/18

“You should update your system and allow customers to request a withdrawal online.”

While we don’t currently offer the ability to make withdrawal requests online, many requests of up to $25,000 may be made over the phone!

“Great service. Very friendly and helpful. All requests were treated as first priority. Thanks for allowing me to be a customer, highly recommend.”

Peggy W. on 7/17/18

— Anonymous on 7/11/18

“It was a great experience and I have recommended your services to my co-workers and family”

— Mary C. on 7/5/18

“I like the callback option, so I wasn’t on the phone waiting. The callback was very prompt and was received at the time the recording said.”

— Keith Y. on 6/26/18

“I am very happy with the service I receive every time I do a transaction with your company. The people helping me have always been friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Thank you very much.”

— Anonymous on 6/25/18

“GA takes many more days to respond to a withdrawal request and then many more days to send funds compared to my other TSA companies. Other companies don't require hard copy forms to be returned and a multi-step process to receive funds from my account. Slow, cumbersome process.”

Our average processing time is 1-2 business days. Be sure to sign up for e-alerts to track the status of your request!

“Thanks for all of the great service throughout 34 years.”

Anonymous on 6/20/18

— Alma R. on 6/15/18

“Representatives were very polite and helpful.”

— Norma W. on 6/10/18

“I have always been satisfied with the personal assistance given to me.”

— Katie W. on 5/29/18

“Very helpful and have been prompt in providing necessary information. Thank you!”

— Barbara P. on 5/23/18

“Always had great customer service. Would definitely recommend Great American.”

— Anonymous on 5/15/18

“The customer service personnel were always courteous and kind.”

“You are a client-oriented company. I’m so happy I chose to take advantage of your financial services.”

Linda N. on 5/9/18

— Ginger M. on 5/3/18

“Great customer service! Very professional. Don’t see that very often anymore. Keep up the wonderful work! Thanks again.”

— Anonymous on 4/27/18

“It took a long time to finish the procedure, but the person that took care of me was very helpful”

“I find the employees to be very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable in their work.”

Judy D. on 4/16/18

— Everett W. on 4/10/18

“Keep up the great work that you are doing on behalf of your clients.”

— Linda N. on 4/4/18

“When I requested information about how to withdrawal money from my account, I was not told that the form I filled out needed to be sent first to a plan administrator. I did not know what or who the plan administer is, so it took me an additional two weeks to receive the funds.”

We know plan administrator requirements can be confusing. We’re always available to help our policyholders work through any questions!

— Arlene T. on 4/2/18

“I am now 79 years old and on social security only. Having Great American handle the amount of funds I was able to save has been a great experience for me. When sending a request for a withdrawal, my request has been handled quickly and I appreciate it.”

— Clyde M. on 3/24/18

“Your customer service department was nice to work with. I used the live chat.”

— Tamala F. on 3/16/18

“It is so pleasant working with people that have a positive attitude and are happy to help.”

— Jack P. on 3/09/18

“It takes too long to receive your money.”

Our average processing time is 1-2 business days and many withdrawal requests of up to $25,000 may be made over the phone!

— Linda M. on 3/4/18

“I’ve always had exceptional service when I have called and spoken with your representatives. They are very knowledgeable, courteous and efficient.”

“Great experience – impeccable communication – will highly recommend to others.”

Sandra D. on 3/1/18

“Representatives have been very helpful when I call with questions or concerns regarding an issue. When I left messages, I always received a quick response. I am very pleased with the services I’ve received and I would highly recommend Great American to a friend or colleague. Thank you very much.”

Anonymous on 2/26/18

— Jack P. on 2/14/18

“Very good service and friendly people, keep up the good work.”

— William J. on 2/9/18

“Great customer service. I have been a member since 1994 and have always been impressed with the speed of service and personal attention for my account. I have always been happy with my original choice to sign up with Great American when I did.”

— Christine B. on 2/4/18

“All encounters were helpful and professional. A very good experience.”

— Virginia R. on 2/2/18

“I have been very happy with my experiences with Great American. I think it’s a great company.”

— Conny K. on 1/31/18

“I think it is wonderful you acknowledge receipt of fax requests and give updates. Great customer service! Thank you!”

— Erma K. on 1/24/18

“Interacting with representatives was always a pleasant experience. All requests were handled with care and promptness.”

“Your employees are all very courteous, professional and ready to help. It is a pleasure to deal with them. I already recommended your services to two friends who are ready to retire.”

Bridget H. on 1/15/18

— Francisco S. on 1/10/18

“Very professional team and helpful, terrific group to work with. Thanks!”

— Anonymous on 1/10/18

“Doing business with Great American is fine, only problem is being put on hold for a long time waiting to talk to someone.”

You may experience longer hold times when we are receiving a high volume of calls. Consider taking advantage of our callback feature to have a customer service representative contact you!

“I have been satisfied with my experience with Great American for MANY years.”

Naida V. on 12/29/17

— Maurice G. on 12/13/17

“Always professional and helpful!”

— Jenifer T. on 12/11/17

“Excellent service, very professional, makes the process so smooth and easy.”

— Anonymous on 12/8/17

“The last time I took a withdrawal, it took weeks. So I can say this time was much faster! Thank you!”

We’re pleased to report our average processing time has been reduced to 1-2 business days!

— Anonymous on 12/6/17

“Always very efficient and professional. Took care of my request promptly.”

— Mary N. on 11/28/17

“Everyone I have spoken with in Customer Services has been courteous and helpful. I appreciate the professionalism that your organization presents.”

— Rochelle G. on 11/24/17

“Your staff was very helpful (and friendly) assisting me with the best way to handle this year's RMD”

“I have been extremely satisfied with Great American. Customer Service very helpful. Would definitely recommend to a friend.”

Anonymous on 11/15/17

— Anonymous on 11/14/17

“I was surprised by the ease of the process. Normally in such cases, one is made to jump through hoops. Thank you for your competence.”

— Terry S. on 11/10/17

“All of my contact with your company has been excellent. Staff is knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service. Kudos to Great American.”

— Mary C. on 10/26/17

“Other firms I just call on the phone and the funds are in my bank account in a few days.”

Many withdrawal requests of up to $25,000 may be made over the phone! We also offer direct deposit for your convenience.

“I have enjoyed being a part of the Great American family, the customer service experience has always been exceptional.”

Frances W. on 10/25/17

— Anonymous on 10/17/17

“You can't go wrong with GREAT AMERICAN, always there for you!”

— Anonymous on 10/17/17

“You need to process annuity withdrawals faster. This process is very slow.”

Our average processing time is 1-2 business days. Be sure to sign up for e-alerts to track the status of your request!

— Ronald K. on 10/16/17

“The withdrawal for my RMD went very easily. Thanks.”

— Andrea C. on 10/6/17

“The representative I dealt with, Amy was very knowledgeable and understanding. She is an asset to your company. Thank you for being there for me and helping with any questions I have.”

— Lucia J. on 10/5/17

“Service is friendly, very quick and uncomplicated.”

“People I talked to on the phone were unusually helpful and polite. I liked learning the progress online of my request. Thank you.”

Velma S. on 9/7/17

— Anonymous on 9/1/17

“Great American is very easy to deal with and always very prompt.”

— Sarah F. on 8/31/17

“Maureen was wonderful. In this day and age getting someone who is patient, helpful and knowledgeable is rare. She met all the criteria on how to provide top notch customer service.”

— Matthew K. on 8/28/17

“Very friendly and helpful with all questions I had. Helped me make confident decisions.”

— Anonymous on 8/8/17

“Except for the 25 minute wait on the phone the person I talked to was very nice and helpful.”

We work hard to keep hold times down, but we do experience an influx of calls at times. Take advantage of our callback option to have a Customer Service Representative contact you!

“I really appreciate your professionalism, knowledge and efficiency. It is always a pleasure to do business with this company.”

Catherine C. on 8/1/17

— Jane H. on 8/1/17

“Great American has always been GREAT to deal with! Very prompt and extremely professional!”

— Ronnie O. on 7/31/17

“Just a great company to do business with. Thanks a lot.”

— Anonymous on 7/27/17

“I think Great American is a great company and I would certainly recommend it to my friends.”

— Anonymous on 7/25/17

“The troops manning the phones have always been well-trained, helpful, and courteous. I found the request for withdrawal form's directions somewhat confusing.”

— Brenda G. on 7/25/17

“I have only had to contact Great American twice, but each time I am greeted by not only a knowledgeable staff member, but by a caring one. Thank you for your help.”

“The new website saves time clicking onto other sites. Especially like the convenience of being able to withdraw funds over the telephone and have them directly deposited to my bank.”

Betty W. on 7/19/17

— Patricia W. on 7/17/17

“Very helpful staff. Great customer service.”

— Anonymous on 7/16/17

“Service was very informative and friendly. Request was processed rapidly.”

— Paris F. on 7/12/17

“Customer service is great! Each time I called, I was treated with the utmost respect and urgency.”

— Enos P. on 7/7/17

“The questions that I had in regards to filling out the application process were answered very professionally. I am very pleased with your service.”

— Valencia H. on 7/5/17

“I am very pleased with my participation with Great American, and with the professionals who have always assisted me with my questions and requests.”

— Anonymous on 7/5/17

“I have been pleased with Great American for the past ten years for how well they have consistently responded to all my questions and requests.”

— Anonymous on 6/27/17

“My contact with your company was rather unique and pleasantly surprising. It is not very often one finds the level of customer service that your company provided. Good job!!”

“The person I dealt with by phone was absolutely wonderful. She took her time and explained everything. She offered all the help I could possibly need. Many thanks!”

Claire H. on 6/16/17

— Elizabeth W. on 6/15/17

“I feel very secure knowing my money is with you, and I get a good return each year. Great customer service and prompt processing of all my requests.”

— Cynthia K. on 6/12/17

“All my experiences with Great American have been handled in a courteous professional manner. Your customer service is phenomenal.”

— Ronald Y. on 5/30/17

“I've had the pleasure of speaking with a few of your reps. and they all were polite and professional. They seemed knowledgeable and very helpful. Any inquiries I've had were answered promptly and accurately. I appreciate the excellent service.”

“Those I spoke with on the telephone were extremely polite and helpful. They provided answers to all of my questions and guided me through the process needed. ”

Loretta S. on 5/23/17

— Anonymous on 5/19/17

“Our experience, overall, was very positive in that this was our first serious venture into planning for the future, protecting our children, getting serious about dealing with unexpected events. Our meeting in the early 1990s with your representative started us on a path that has worked out very well for the family.”

— Joyce T. on 5/2/17

“Wonderful service made it easy! Phone wait longer than expected but worth it to talk to a real person!”

— Larry G. on 4/25/17

“All personnel I interacted with while deciding what to do as my time for IRA distribution came near were very helpful. Thank you for your promptness.”

— Nona K. on 4/12/17

“I was very pleased with the way the transaction was done. It was explained very well so that I understood exactly what was going on. Representative was also very friendly.”

— Bill L. on 4/7/17

“The process of working with you was very easy and efficient - from start to finish.”

“Great American has been quick to meet any need during the years I have been with you.”

Anonymous on 4/6/17

— Andrea C. on 4/5/17

“Access to my account through the website is easy and convenient.”

— Anonymous on 4/3/17

“Access to my account through the website is easy and convenient.”

— Anonymous on 3/28/17

“All of the customer service representatives are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Very easy to work with.”

“It use to take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to get a withdrawal payment and the last 3-4 times I have done it has been wonderfully quick. I appreciate the new speed. Thanks.”

Donna M. on 3/23/17

— Anonymous on 3/14/17

“I have had a very good experience with Great American. My money has been safe and secure.”

— Sharlene F. on 3/1/17

“Request for withdrawal was easy and processed quickly. I received a friendly and professional response from everyone I spoke with on the phone. I found the on hold time was quite long, but the music played was pleasant and never became annoying.”

Hold times may be longer when we’re experiencing a high volume of calls, so consider using our callback option to have a customer service representative contact you!

— Albert P. on 2/14/17

“I really like the friendliness of the service reps and your rapid responses to emails.”

— Anonymous on 2/3/17

“I have always had a positive experience with Great American. Never a problem. Always polite and courteous representatives helping me.”

— Anonymous on 2/1/17

“This company does what it says it’s going to do and does it timely and communicates with the customer when necessary.”

— Ken G. on 1/31/17

“Great American delivers on their mission statement. Service is above par.”

— Robert G. on 1/26/17

“Having retired in 2012, I felt it was unnecessary to go through the process of securing signature from a plan administrator. But, I am thankful this process is going through speedily with no hassles Thank you.”

We're happy to help our customers understand and work through plan administrator requirements! 

— Anonymous on 1/16/17

“The promptness and timely process to my requests has been great. Your dedication to customer service is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the years of service.”

“I have always been treated with kindness and respect. I trust your institution to safeguard my retirement and to explain areas I do not understand. Thank you very much.”

Rebecca C. on 1/12/17

— Cassandra M. on 1/11/17

“Very quick and polite response to my phone call. Very happy with your service.”

— Elizabeth W. on 1/6/17

“Always very professional and processes my requests quickly. Always give me detailed explanations about my annuity . I love this company and have done very well since putting my money with you.”

— Anonymous on 1/3/17

“Each time that I have engaged in conversation with a Representative, I have been guided through the process with the utmost professionalism and courtesy!! Thank You.”

— Melverdia Y. on 12/30/16

"Being a member with Great American make me feel special, I know my account is safe, The service is OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, YOU CAN FEEL THE LOVE!”

— Anonymous on 12/19/16

“It takes way too long to process a withdrawal.”

We’re pleased to report our average processing time has been reduced to 1-2 business days.

— Jeanetta L.

“Thank you for the great services provided to me. It was a rewarding experience. I have been very satisfied with services. Again, thank you!”

“Thank you for the quick turnaround. It is deeply appreciated. Vast improvements on customer service.”

Barbara K. on 11/29/16

— Judith N. on 11/28/16

“I don't think that I am upset with Great American, but with IRS or governmental regulatory rules. Every time I want to change beneficiaries, apply for my RMD, I need to go back to my former employer and get a signoff. Great American has always been helpful when I asked for help”

We understand the IRS rules and regulations surrounding an employer plan can be difficult. We’re here to help our policyholders work through them! 

— Gwen H. on 11/22/16

“The withdrawal process has improved greatly over the last four years. I especially appreciate the emails to let me know that my requests were received and have been handled.”

— Lynda S. on 11/15/16

“I was very impressed with the courteous customer service, it is so rare to deal with a company that obviously values the customer experience. Emily was my customer service representative and she was patient and thorough in answering all my questions. She was also very prompt in sending me the forms that I needed. I have contacted Great American twice over the years that I have been a customer and both times I have been very pleased.”

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